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Colouring Competition

Today would have been Station House Vet’s first dog show and open day. We were so looking forward to holding this special event but unfortunately, we had to abandon it due to the government restrictions surrounding coronavirus. We had so many exciting activities and demonstrations planned that we couldn’t wait for you all to get involved in, one of which was a colouring competition. Local artist, client, and mum Millie McCallum kindly created a fun drawing for us to use in the competition and despite the dog show not going ahead, we would still love all of you to get involved and show us how creative you can be, we’re not just talking about bright colours but also glitter and sparkles, whatever you have around you to make the picture stand out. Our favourites will be displayed in the practice windows and the artists of the best ones will be awarded a fantastic pet-themed hamper including prizes donated by us, Pets at Home and local businesses such as YO Bakehouse, The Co

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