Diary Entry 8: Mmmm BBQ!

Dear Diary,

Isn’t this weather great! More time outside, sunbathing and most importantly BBQ’s! Lots of food gets dropped on the floor or is left unattended for me to swoop in and hoover up!

The secret is to pretend that you’re sunbathing and then when the humans aren’t looking, you can quickly “spring” up and grab whatever’s available! Even if it’s too hot to eat or gives you a funny tummy, it’s still worth it! One of my mottos is; it’s better to have eaten something, thrown it up and eaten it again than to not have eaten it at all! 
Another tactic I use is to sit under the table and rest my chin on someone’s knee, it doesn’t work on my mum, but new people can’t resist my adorable charm. 
You have to be careful with those food sticks and sweetcorn cobs though, they’re so delicious, until you get them stuck in your tummy! Ouch! 
Oh, all this talk of food is making me hungry, again.

Jasper x


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