Diary Entry 9: Naughty Cats

Dear Diary,

My sister Tiffin brought a friend round for dinner the other day, unfortunately she released him in the kitchen and he flew into a cupboard. Mum found out what Tiffin had been up to when she saw a dead bird behind the bags of pasta! She keeps telling Tiffin not to catch birds and last summer changed her collar from a bell to a beeping device which definitely made a difference and was less annoying than that jingling noise. You can tell when Tiffin is stalking a bird because the other birds in the garden start making a racket, warning their friends that she’s coming. Even though mum plays with Tiffin with those feathery sticks, makes sure she always has enough food and keeps her in at night, we still find the occasional mouse behind the sofa or end up standing on the dead bodies when we come through the front door, what a nasty trick to play on us! But to be fair, she makes me look like an angel!

Jasper x

For more information on how to reduce the risk of cats catching garden birds, see the RSPB website.


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