Diary Entry 5: What's so special about cats?

Dear Diary…

What’s so special about cats?
Talking from a dog’s perspective, I feel like we are treated unfairly compared to cats. Take my sister Tiffin for example, she’s allowed to sleep on the bed whenever she wants, she jumps straight onto the sofa and curls up between mummy and daddy without any problem and she has her own special door so that she can come and go whenever she likes. Then when the mood takes her, she bites my tail and grabs at the hairs on my legs, mum even puts her food bowl high up so that I can’t share it, I think I have to put up with a lot!
So, you can imagine my shock when I found that there is a separate cat waiting area at the practice with posters saying that we are “Cat Friendly” as we have an International Cat Care Silver Award. There’s even a shelf to put the cat basket on so that the cat can look down on everyone! Should we really be encouraging this idea that they are more important than everyone else?  Apparently, they get nervous when they go to the vets so need some extra TLC, there’s also a cat only bedroom which I’m not allowed in because it’s supposed to be kept quiet and calm in there! The nurses say cats need to be handled calmly and carefully so they don’t get scared, to be honest I never want to cross a cat either!

Jasper x


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