Diary Entry 4: I look like a hedgehog!

Dear Diary,

Mum took me into the room where bad things happen, I try to avoid going to that part of the building at all costs but when she picks me up and carries me, I can’t do anything about it.This time Tarka’s mum Catriona was in there as well, she had a box full of spikey things and they asked me to sit on the table while Catriona decorated my back with the spikey things. I thought it was going to hurt as usually spikey things mean injections, but I didn’t even notice them going in! After I had been decorated, I saw Catriona moving and turning some of the spikey things which made me feel a bit tingly and made some of my muscles twitch but mummy said I was being a good boy so I stood as still as I could and stared at her until they had finished. For the rest of the day I felt so sleepy and relaxed, I didn’t even feel like going for a walk!
What a strange day! Mum said that she hopes my elbow won’t be hurting as much now, I have had a bit of trouble with it recently so maybe this spikey stuff will help.

Jasper x


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