Diary Entry 11: Fireworks

Dear Diary,

I must be honest with you, I’m a bit worried about something.
When the leaves start to fall and the nights get darker I start to hear lots of noise outside, loud whooshing and banging, it’s so loud that I’m scared to go outside and would rather hide under my bed or behind the sofa until it’s all finished. It used to happen on only one night but now it seems to be every time it gets dark around this time of year.
This year my mum has made me a den to hide in with a blanket over the top to try and make it quieter for me. She’s also put my favourite toys in there and my absolute favourite thing a licki mat covered in peanut butter, that distracts me from anything and takes me to my happy place! I’m feeling a little bit chilled out in general, maybe it has something to do with the smell from the plug near my bed? I’ve also noticed some extra tablets in my food, I don’t mind eating them though as my mum tells me I’ve been a good boy when I eat them and sometimes puts them in peanut butter, yummy.

Jasper x

For more information on helping your pet cope with Fireworks Season, including the medical options available, please contact us on 01653 618 303.


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