Diary Entry 10: Why is my mum so obsessed with my poo?

Dear Diary,

Every time I have a poo, my mum seems to be so interested in picking it up and putting it into a little black bag. It’s just weird, as soon as I’ve had a poo, I want to rush off and get on with the rest of my walk, not wait around for her to inspect and collect! She then insists on carrying it around with her like a souvenir until she finds a collection box to put it in and yet again, I have to wait around for her. I’ve seen those little black bags dotted around on paths or hanging from branches and wondered what they were, maybe other mums are also obsessed with picking up their dog’s poo but for some reason they don’t know about the special collection boxes, but what’s the point in putting the poo in a bag if you aren’t going to take it to the collection box?It is a bit annoying when you find someone else’s poo stuck to your foot though, the smell is so strong that it makes me think there’s another dog following me around, it also means that I have to have my feet washed, something I really hate!
If everyone picks up the dog poo, I hope that doesn’t mean they’re going to start picking up the rabbit and horse poo as well, it makes a very tasty snack for me!

Jasper x


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