Diary Entry 7: The Unwritten Rule of Dog Walking

Dear Diary,
Recently I had a bad experience when I was walking with my mum and I thought I would share it with you all. I was walking on my lead when a dog ran up to me and around me shouting and growling at me, I was so scared that I bit my mum thinking that it was the dog trying to get me. Some people think that us dogs are better if we meet when we’re off the lead. However, I find it scary when dogs run at me, I often react before thinking and prefer my own space. I’m a bit wary of my elbow because of all the problems that I’ve had with it and if another dog comes near my elbow, I can be defensive. I hear other dogs’ mums and dads saying that their dog won’t hurt me, but I just don’t like people running straight up to me and shouting at me, would you? On behalf of all the introverted dogs, please put your dog on a lead if you see another dog on a lead.


Jasper x


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