Diary Entry 6: Summer!

Dear Diary…

My favourite time of year is here, Summer! I love running through fields with my ears flapping, licking ice cream that has dripped onto the floor, going swimming in the river, sunbathing in the garden and rolling around in freshly cut grass. There are some bad things about summer though, sometimes it’s so hot that I don’t feel like going for a walk. I just want to stay in the shade or lie next to the fan then go for a proper walk in the evening when it gets cooler. There are also lots of flying things around that hurt when you eat them, once one bumped into me and it made my face feel all puffy, I had to have an injection to make it go back to normal! Last year even the water in my water bowl was warm, mum started putting ice cubes in there which made the water much more refreshing after I’d been sunbathing, she also let me have frozen vegetables, yum! Usually, I get to go on work trips in the car with Mummy, but she says I have to stay at the practice so that I don’t get too hot, it’s a shame as I really like going with her. I’ve noticed that she’s been cutting the hairs around my ears and toes, I’d prefer furry toes but apparently, it’s meant to stop grass seeds getting stuck and making my ears and feet sore.

Jasper x


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